Shell Education Society’s (SCMS) education of the whole person, workplace experience and the combination of work and study is central to its programmes and success.

SCMS’s vocational and academic preparation rests on developing:

  • Scientific
  • Technical
  • Creative
  • Professional training

This equips the qualified students to engage in cultural, social, ethical & business environment of our globe.

At SCMS we promote and foster an environment of Truth, Respect, Personal freedom in profession and society. In a broader sense we spread the culture of

  • Equality & Team spirit
  • Dignity of Labour
  • Harmony
  • Skill Development

“Creating Global Careers For Global Opportunities.”

“To give the world of hospitality (Hotels, Travel & Tourism, Catering, Services) and related professions graduates who excel in skill, integrity and genuine care for everyone”

SCMS is a center of excellence which seeks to enrich the hospitality profession in the areas of knowledge, skills and excellence.
Read more... Some of the strong values that we adhere to:
  • Combining theoretical and practical knowledge for both the international and domestic sectors.
  • Equipping under graduates, graduates, post graduates and Masters with the skills, know-how and transformational power to serve society and economy through their profession.
  • Providing responsive programs to meet the needs of persons and industry/economy
  • Promoting research and policy dialogue to advance society and to provide a greater understanding of the meaning of "to be of service"
  • Strengthening co-operation with other academic institutions, training facilities, industry bodies and civil society so as to foster core values and human development
SCMS prepares wellqualified future industry leaders and entrepreneurs through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and insights, to serve as competent effective professionals. With their integrity and passion for service, they make a positive and lasting contribution to the workplace and society. The attributes they acquire are a consequence of their deep understanding of the dignity of the person and the skilled craft / techniques involved.

SCMS staff strive to ensure that there is attention to detail and that their own work meets a standard of excellence and beyond. They lead by example with their integrity of conduct and spirit of cooperation.