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No one has gone ever to restaurant or hotel and exclaimed, Wow what a wonderful Budgeting! Or said to a friend, they have fantastic inventory system there! On the other hand, many guests have quit going to hotel or restaurant they loved because the absence of financial structures, human resource planning & logistics meant the closing of the establishment.

In the beautiful morning on 5th April 2014 we have celebrated 10th Anniversary of SCMS’s College of Hotel & Tourism Management with the dream of making students from 10th & 12th background a professional in Hospitality, Tourism & Aviation industry & a millionaire with knowledge to serve customers with a pleasant smile. SCMS’s combines the art of hospitality with the science of management, balancing the need for rigor in menu creation, concept development, interior design, tabletop presentation, customer interaction and service delivery against the need for rigor in financial management, HR management, Marketing & operations technology & strategic management. This unique approach captures the essence of hospitality which is half passion and half cool headed business sense.

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